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As the only aerial firefighting company operating both fixed-wing aircraft and type 1 helicopters, Coulson Aviation (USA) Ltd. is the best equipped company to handle aerial firefighting needs.


With experience operating all types of firefighting aircraft, Coulson is highly experienced in providing assets of any size or in any situation. We also strongly believe in providing the best value for each aircraft, which is why our aircraft are multi-use; S-61s are equipped with a Goodrich hoist and our C-130s have a removable RADS-XXL tank.

Fixed-wing aircraft used in aerial firefighting fall under two categories: land-based and amphibious.Coulson Aviation has the ability to supply both land-based and amphibious aircraft. The Coulson C-130’s are military cargo transport planes fitted with the top-of-the-line RADS-XXL tanking and computer system to ensure drops with accuracy and constant flow. The Martin Mars water bombers are an amphibious firefighting aircraft that are among the largest in the world.

Learn more about our industry-leading RADS-XXL aerial tank system for the C-130 compared to the alternative MAFFs C-130 system on our website.

In 2007, Coulson Aircrane Ltd. purchased the Hawaii and Philippine Mars to expand its firefighting capabilities and establish itself as the only operator worldwide to operate Sikorsky S61 Type 1 helicopters and the world’s largest water bombers.

Since purchasing the Martin Mars water bombers, significant upgrades have been carried out on the Hawaii Mars to bring it to higher aviation and safety standards for modern-day firefighting. The "Next Generation" Hawaii Mars has an EFIS Glass Cockpit and the ability to stream live data from certain key on-board, indication systems. Learn more about the Martin Mars water bombers on our website.