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“I’m surrounded by a younger management team, and they’re integral to our success. They’re comfortable with new technology, which means we put a greater emphasis on engineering than our competitors. For that reason, we’re at the cutting edge of our industry.”


President and COO

Britt is the eldest son of Wayne and Suzan Coulson. As a young boy, Britt was always drawn to aircraft and was fascinated by technology.

Britt began his career in the aviation division of the company in 2004. He started working as a shipper/receiver in the stores department of Coulson Aircrane where he learned the foundation of the aircraft parts business. Through his innovation and dedication to always creating a better way, Britt quickly became an integral part of the aviation division, pioneering various successful products; all encompassed by the idea of generating more value for the customer.

In 2019, Britton transitioned to President and COO of the Coulson Group, leading the company into an exciting new future.

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