Winners of the 2022 Photo Contest

Grand Prize Winner

Submitter: Michael Nevin

Title: Fighting Danger Head On
Description: Los Angeles County Fire Boeing CH-47
Chinook Helitanker #55 making its way from the Fire
to the Lagoon for another water pick-up. Castaic
Lake, CA.

Fixed Wing Winner

Submitter: Sebastian Fernandez

Title: N132CG Loading For It’s Next Firefight
Description: Air shot of the N132CG loading fuel and
water to continue fighting the fires in Chile.

Coulson Crew Winner

Submitter: Aaron Maurer

Title: Ready To Roll
Description: Tanker 132 waits for USFS personnel to
complete a resupply so they can return to a local fire.

Rotorcraft Winner

Submitter: Marty Wolin

Title: Just Another Day
Description: Coulson’s Chinook 47, with Orange
County Fire, picks up water at Morris Dam in Azusa
Canyon, California.

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